Retirement Reimagined eJournal

The e-book version of my Retirement Reimagined Journal: 160 must-ask questions for a stress-free retirement. It's not your job to know everything. It's your job to ask the right questions.




Longevity Tracker Spreadsheet

As a health nut, I made this spreadsheet to help you monitor vital biomarkers like body composition and blood pressure to maintain optimal health as you age. Easily track progress and share data with professionals for better care.




Wealth Projection Spreadsheet

Afraid of running out of money in retirement? This spreadsheet will help you see how your money will increase or decrease over time. Breathe easier knowing you can maintain your quality of life as you age.




Legacy Planning Map

A simple 7-step roadmap designed to keep you organized as you draft essential documents like trusts and powers of attorney, ensuring your loved ones are cared for.




9-month Medicare Checklist

I made this checklist to keep you prepared throughout the confusing Medicare process. It starts 9 months before your 65th birthday. Print it out and stick it on your fridge!



Free expert consultation

I am trained, licensed, and contracted to help retirees figure out intimidating, yet important topics like Medicare, health and life insurance, 401k/403b/IRA rollovers, and Social Security.

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